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SnapWords™ are Internet Keywords that go directly to web pages

SnapWords™ take people from a keyword they saw or heard offline, directly to the advertiser's web page online, instantly, without any list of results to choose from.

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How Snapwords™ Work

  • Advertisers and Marketers register a keyword or phrase with
  • They then promote that keyword or phrase using offline media such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc... "enter the keyword Your Keyword at".
  • Users then log on to SnapWords and Enter the keyword they heard or saw and are instantly directed to the advertisers web page! Could it be any simpler?

Why Use Snapwords™?

  • They are catchy and easy to remember
  • You get a FREE direct link to your web page in our Online Directory
  • You don't have to worry about bidding wars that happen on Pay-Per-Click search engines
  • Snapwords™ are cost effective, especially in competitive markets where PPC advertising costs are constantly increasing, and your competitors are clicking on your listings costing you money.
  • Snapwords™ are particularly suited for domains that are difficult to spell
  • When people are unsure how to spell your domain when they hear it on the radio, they may end up visiting someone else's website and you loose a sale.
  • Simplifies obscure URLs like:
  • Results are guaranteed!