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SnapWords™, were keywords snap directly to web pages!

Terms of Use

Content Restrictions

In order to participate in the SnapWords™ program, your site can not contain any illegal or adult content such as pornography, warez, hacking, hate content, gambling or other non family-friendly content.

You may not purchase any keywords or phrases that are registered trade names, trademarks, copyrights, unless you are the rightful owner of such.

You may suggest your own keywords, however, SnapWords™ reserves the right to reject any keyword, or category placement for any reason.

Data Changes & Corrections

SnapWords™ generally does not change the information submitted by buyers so be sure that it is correct and that you've fully checked the links and spelling. If changes are required, an additional fee may be required.

Content Changes

If at any time the content of a site submitted to SnapWords™ changes and is found to be inappropriate, falling under the content restriction clause, the site link and all data will be removed with no refund.

Purchase Agreement

You as the buyer agree to be bound by the above stipulations and restrictions. You agree to indemnify SnapWords™, 1589771 Ontario Inc, it's sponsors and associates from any and all damages or legal issue from the result of purchasing a word link at

We do not guarantee any traffic or search engine placement on any third party websites as a result of claiming a word on this site.

All purchases of word links from are NON-REFUNDABLE. All sales are final! We reserve the right to refund payments for suggested terms or links which we do not accept.

We reserve the right to reject any word suggestion, link or mouseover text for any reason.