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How to buy SnapWords™ for your own advertising, branding, marketing and promotions.

Your SnapWords™ work as soon as your keyword is approved - often the same day.

  1. Type in the Keyword/Phrase that you would like in the search box above.
    If no one has already bought that keyword you will see a message indicating that keyword is available. If the keyword has already been purchased, you will find out who owns it. Alternatively, if you are having trouble coming up with something, you can browse our online directory for keyword suggestions.

  2. Once you have found an available keyword, choose any options that you would like to help your keyword stand out in our SnapWords™ Directory.

  3. When you are satisfied with the look of your keyword, click the purchase button.

  4. We then check to see if the keyword you want is appropriate.
    Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse any keyword for any reason, including, but no limited to: if we find that keyword to be inappropriate, unrelated to the products or services you are offering, if we feel you do not have the proper rights to use that keyword. Any keywords containing any illegal or adult content such as pornography, warez, hacking, hate content, gambling or other non family-friendly content, will automatically be rejected.

  5. Once your keyword is approved, it instantly begins to SNAP to your web page, and you can start using it in your marketing campaigns.

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